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in libya you struck out immediately with what appeared to be an overtly political response. should you have demonstrated some reserve? you think he's going to be afraid of that question. how should he respond? >> i think it was a pivotal moment in the campaign. we had a foreign policy crisis and there's been traditional notion that politics stops at the water's edge. he and his campaign had a very trigger response to that that looked very political. i think -- i think it shifted a lot of people -- we're looking to see how he would act as president. i think what he's going to do, i think what he's likely to do, in this case, the environment favors a sort of response. where in this case he can double down. he's going to say you know, what i was concerned about was people's lives and it was and is a dangerous situation and it is deteriorating further as we see now. and so what we need in our diplomacy and at a time like this is not reserve. but we need bold action to make sure we have security in place and we're learning
libya to egypt to yemen and pakistan and the last few days. we see this debate over how islamist supposed to deal with dissent and other kinds of people and this agreement and also it was an offensive foul on the question is how to respond to that what do you do about that. this was on my mind as i wrote this book. it is a single day that eliminates a lot of the ongoing struggles in the world. that's what i wanted to go there and some of the places and people i depicted have been caught up again in the last few days. >> what is the genesis of the book? you tell the story of why you wrote the book. >> i am a reporter and i started going to the city of karachi pakistan in 2002. there was a place i would pass through covering nine war to afghanistan. >> i would spend a little bit of time and i didn't like it at all. it's a huge city more than 13 million people by the conservative estimate a lot more. the streets are why the and the traffic is from this. i was going to cover a court proceeding related to the death of "the wall street journal" last daniel pearl said it is a scary plac
anniversary of occupy right now. that almost looks like what happened last week in libya and cairo, and we're talking about the occupy forces moving out. >> stephanie: yeah, they are exactly the same. >> how many were killed? >> stephanie: yeah. >> this looks like the arabs -- wow, looks just like it. [ applause ] >> stephanie: he is not the doociest. >> that would be his son. >> stephanie: okay. theda in detroit. >> caller: yeah, i was going to talk about that lady in chicago, but you know that song don't you love me baby. that's a really sad song. >> stephanie: yes. yes. >> caller: she could solve her % problem if she is not racist marry her son to a really nice black and then he could always be full, and he could even bring some home. >> stephanie: exactly. problem solver. see we're helpers on the "stephanie miller show." >> a girl with an escalade. >> stephanie: a girl with an escalade full of too much food. colonel wayne powell is next on the "stephanie miller show." she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." currenttv
Search Results 3,200 to 3,202 of about 3,203

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